Monday, October 30, 2006

The Material Girl

If you haven't heard the recent news about Madonna adopting a baby then where have you been?! She has adopted a baby named David from Malawi but it hasn't been without its controversy. First there were stories that she was fast-tracked through the adoption process because of her famous status and then came stories that David's biological father had never given his permission to give up the baby in the first place. But, when you're a celeb and in a crisis, what do you do? Go on Oprah of course! So, last week with the help of technology, Madonna appeared via satellite on The Orpah Winfrey Show to defend herself to the world.

I'm not about to say that I don't agree with adoption because I think it's a wonderful thing. If people can offer children a better way of life than what they would otherwise get then that's brilliant but is it fast becoming a trend amongst celebrities? First there was Angelina who adpoted baby Maddox and then Brad and Angelina who adopted baby Zahara and now Madonna's getting in on it too. Is she after another addition for her material world or am I being pessimistic and doubting her good nature?

What I struggle to understand the most however is that these celebrites have more money that I could ever dream of, so why do they not use their money for better things. Madonna apparently spent £15,000 on clothes and toys for David. Could £15,000 not have been spent on the village where he came from, where up to 12 people live in a one bedroom mud hut?

This little boy's life has changed forever. His prospects are certainly brighter but I just hope he will be happy growing up with the original material girl and under the ever watchful eye of the media. I'm sure we'll all be hearing more about him very soon...