Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's busy busy busy!

Well, it's been a while since I last made a posting and my what a lot has been happening in the celeb world! I'm a Celebrity's kicked off and is in full swing (don't worry I have plenty of views on that!), Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have tied the knot, celebs put their reputations on the line for Children in Need, Britney's in the process of getting divorced...but not before a sex tape could appear on the internet and James Bond is wowing us again with all his gadgets.

So where shall I start?! I'm a Celebrity... Well my only question is, really? Let's face it, many of them are not. Lauren appears to only be famous because she is Cherie Blair's half sister, therefore making her the PM's sister-in-law. Good reason to appear on I'm a Celebrity? I don't think so! We also have Matt Willis, who in his defence was in one of Britains most popular boy bands of recent times, Busted but has he done anything without his used to be bandmates? That would be a no... But wait, he does appear to have a solo albulm out soon. Hmmmm, anyone think he may be trying to gain some much needed extra publicity to save his albulm from flopping? My hand's up that's for sure! Jason Donovan's in there and reminding me of why he was one of my first crushes (blush blush) and David Gest is certainly entertaining me. I hear he is actually famous for something but I must confess I only know him as 'the man who used to be married to Liza Minnelli'. Other happy campers include Dean Gaffney (you know, Robbie who used to be in Eastenders), Myleene Klass (you know, she used to be in that one hit wonder band Hear'Say), Toby Anstis (You know, you used to watch him every Saturday morning presenting your favourite shows) and Jan Leeming (you may not know, but she used to be a newsreader). Although I appear to be very cynical and I'm actually sounding like I hate the world at the moment, I do have a lot of respect for the people in the jungle. I know I wouldn't do it myself and they are doing it for charity so I take my hat off to them and wish them all luck and hope they don't get bitten by too many mozzies!

The much anticipated TomKat (as the papers have nicknamed them) wedding has taken place in a sleepy village in Italy. The locals were as you can imagine very excited to be hosting such a celeb packed event and so really went to town. They made signs wishing the couple well and hung them in their shop windows, made souvenirs to mark the occasion and even sat outside for days waiting for the happy couple to show. However, show did they not and the locals were not happy. I think I can see their point as well, after all a simple wave to the crowds or a quick photo opportunity couldn't have been that hard to manage could it? If there are that many people around on my wedding day, they'll certainly get a wave or two from me!(Am I dreaming of marrying someone rich and famous again?)

It was another fantastic year for Children in Need and again, well done to the celebrities who took part. The amount raised on the night was £18, 300, 392. The newsreaders are good sports each year, as are the casts of all our favourite soaps. The cynic in me (I think it comes out too often), does often wonder though how much money, if any the celebrities donate. They make plea after plea for us to donate our hard earned cash but who's to say they are actually making donations? Again, this is the cynic in me but don't say you haven't thought about that too!

I think I've done enough ranting for one session but please feel free to join in with my rant, I'd love to know that other people are as dubious about the world of celebrity as I am! I promise, I'm not a miserable old woman really...honest!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Blogs wonderful blogs

I'm not going to lie, this isn't going to be my finest blog to date but you may find the links interesting!

As I have mentioned in my profile, I set up this blog for one of my PR modules and therefore so did my fellow PRers! Here are links to all of their blogs, should be something to interest everyone!

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

The real stars come out to shine...

After the first I had a lump in my throat. After the second I had tears in my eyes and after the third, well I was blubbering like a big baby. I am of course talking about The Pride of Britain Awards. It was such an inspiration to watch. There were acts of bravery beyond belief, people risking their own lives for people they had never met, let alone seen before. There were acts of courage from ill little girls and boys who just got on with life and didn't think twice about it.

It is these people that teenagers should aspire to be like, not the Paris Hiltons of this world or the Victoria Beckhams but the people who are extraordinary and make a difference.

The celebrities were of course out in force and were, in their defence, putting their status to good use. They presented many an award much to the delight of the winners, I mean if you were a young girl getting a peck on the cheek from Jude Law I think you'd be pretty happy too! Likewise receiving an award and four kisses from Girls Aloud (Nadine wasn't there) I think again you'd be smiling too!

Sharon Osbourne, alongside her fellow X Factor judges presented an award to six year old Katy Miles who has beaten cancer. Sharon said something that I thought was so true and summed up the night. She said how she has spent her entire life working with people who think they are stars but the true stars of this world were the ones receiving the awards on that night. I couldn't have put it better myself.

It was truely brilliant to watch how some people dedicate and risk so much to help others. I don't think there was a dry eye in the studio and there definitely wasn't a dry eye in my house. These people made you proud to be British.

Prime Minister Tony Blair also presented an award. He said: "What is truly humbling is the genuine astonishment of the award winners at being singled out in this way, their belief that almost anyone would have done the same, given the same chance or challenge. Today is a day which not only makes you proud to be British, but also underlines why our country is so special." (Ok, so makes you want to be a little sick but for once in his life I think he's talking sense!)

However, back to the whirlwind world of celebrities... Is anyone shocked that Britney Spears has filed for divorce from her husband of two years Kevin Federline? Not me that's for sure. What took her so long I say. I hope she can get her life back on track and give her two little boys as normal a life as possible.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Who is she? Who is she?

Last Wednesday played host to the National Television Awards and I have to say I was mortified. The majority of the awards went to deserving winners such as David Attenborough and Ant and Dec but, to have Nikki from BB6 receive an award for most popular TV contender I thought was the horrror of all horrors. I feel I have to explain myself. During the summer I wouldn't and couldn't find a bad word to say about Nikki, I loved her and thought she was hilarious. She was fantastic to watch and yes I did vote for her to go back into the Big Brother house after she had been evicted (should I admit to that?). So, when I heard that she was visiting our student's union here in Sunderland, to say that I was excited was an understatement. However, from the moment I met her, my opinion of her dropped like a lead balloon. She was rude and boring. I felt like a little girl who had had all her dreams shattered in one foul swoop. She barely managed a 'hello' and didn't even try to make any form of conversation and then didn't even manage a 'goodbye'. She is barely a celebrity yet is already acting like a diva. In fact, how is she famous? For using the now famous line 'Who is she?' or for throwing her infamous tantrums? Or for briefly dating the BB6 winner Pete, which it could be questioned was a PR stunt to keep her in the spotlight for longer than 15 minutes. Whatever way, she is definitely a 'celebrity' that I will not be offering any words of praise to in the near future.

On a more positive note however I have been introduced to a fantastic clip by Dove which I think that any woman feeling down about herself should watch. Advertising and magazines very often show flawless, skinny models who appear to be perfect but in reality it's just airbrushing and a great team of make-up artists and stylists. A great example of this was Kate Winslet on the front of GQ magazine in 2003. Yes, many celebs are very skinny but surely that's not attractive... is it boys? Nicole Richie is often in and out of rehab dealing with a weight problem and BB6's Nikki almost died from anorexia when she was 14 and had to be force fed through a tube. Dove is exposing the truth in pictures and models and encouring real women to realise that they are beautiful too. It certainly gets the feel good factor going! Hope it makes you smile!