Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's busy busy busy!

Well, it's been a while since I last made a posting and my what a lot has been happening in the celeb world! I'm a Celebrity's kicked off and is in full swing (don't worry I have plenty of views on that!), Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have tied the knot, celebs put their reputations on the line for Children in Need, Britney's in the process of getting divorced...but not before a sex tape could appear on the internet and James Bond is wowing us again with all his gadgets.

So where shall I start?! I'm a Celebrity... Well my only question is, really? Let's face it, many of them are not. Lauren appears to only be famous because she is Cherie Blair's half sister, therefore making her the PM's sister-in-law. Good reason to appear on I'm a Celebrity? I don't think so! We also have Matt Willis, who in his defence was in one of Britains most popular boy bands of recent times, Busted but has he done anything without his used to be bandmates? That would be a no... But wait, he does appear to have a solo albulm out soon. Hmmmm, anyone think he may be trying to gain some much needed extra publicity to save his albulm from flopping? My hand's up that's for sure! Jason Donovan's in there and reminding me of why he was one of my first crushes (blush blush) and David Gest is certainly entertaining me. I hear he is actually famous for something but I must confess I only know him as 'the man who used to be married to Liza Minnelli'. Other happy campers include Dean Gaffney (you know, Robbie who used to be in Eastenders), Myleene Klass (you know, she used to be in that one hit wonder band Hear'Say), Toby Anstis (You know, you used to watch him every Saturday morning presenting your favourite shows) and Jan Leeming (you may not know, but she used to be a newsreader). Although I appear to be very cynical and I'm actually sounding like I hate the world at the moment, I do have a lot of respect for the people in the jungle. I know I wouldn't do it myself and they are doing it for charity so I take my hat off to them and wish them all luck and hope they don't get bitten by too many mozzies!

The much anticipated TomKat (as the papers have nicknamed them) wedding has taken place in a sleepy village in Italy. The locals were as you can imagine very excited to be hosting such a celeb packed event and so really went to town. They made signs wishing the couple well and hung them in their shop windows, made souvenirs to mark the occasion and even sat outside for days waiting for the happy couple to show. However, show did they not and the locals were not happy. I think I can see their point as well, after all a simple wave to the crowds or a quick photo opportunity couldn't have been that hard to manage could it? If there are that many people around on my wedding day, they'll certainly get a wave or two from me!(Am I dreaming of marrying someone rich and famous again?)

It was another fantastic year for Children in Need and again, well done to the celebrities who took part. The amount raised on the night was £18, 300, 392. The newsreaders are good sports each year, as are the casts of all our favourite soaps. The cynic in me (I think it comes out too often), does often wonder though how much money, if any the celebrities donate. They make plea after plea for us to donate our hard earned cash but who's to say they are actually making donations? Again, this is the cynic in me but don't say you haven't thought about that too!

I think I've done enough ranting for one session but please feel free to join in with my rant, I'd love to know that other people are as dubious about the world of celebrity as I am! I promise, I'm not a miserable old woman really...honest!


At 4:01 am, Blogger Samantha Wilcox said...

Hi Rosie,

This is an excellent site and really gives a great look at the world of celebs and our growing obsession with them! Keep it coming, love it!!

At 12:30 pm, Blogger Erin said...

Well the ‘celebs’ have been keeping us entertained over the past couple of weeks. I must admit I found the whole tomkat wedding bizarre. Their vows were not even recognised by the law and she was forced to crouch down so not to appear taller than him in photos! I seriously do not have the time to watch I’m a celeb, but from what I have seen in previous ones I just feel sorry for the ‘celeb’ hanging onto the last straws of fame.


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