Thursday, November 09, 2006

The real stars come out to shine...

After the first I had a lump in my throat. After the second I had tears in my eyes and after the third, well I was blubbering like a big baby. I am of course talking about The Pride of Britain Awards. It was such an inspiration to watch. There were acts of bravery beyond belief, people risking their own lives for people they had never met, let alone seen before. There were acts of courage from ill little girls and boys who just got on with life and didn't think twice about it.

It is these people that teenagers should aspire to be like, not the Paris Hiltons of this world or the Victoria Beckhams but the people who are extraordinary and make a difference.

The celebrities were of course out in force and were, in their defence, putting their status to good use. They presented many an award much to the delight of the winners, I mean if you were a young girl getting a peck on the cheek from Jude Law I think you'd be pretty happy too! Likewise receiving an award and four kisses from Girls Aloud (Nadine wasn't there) I think again you'd be smiling too!

Sharon Osbourne, alongside her fellow X Factor judges presented an award to six year old Katy Miles who has beaten cancer. Sharon said something that I thought was so true and summed up the night. She said how she has spent her entire life working with people who think they are stars but the true stars of this world were the ones receiving the awards on that night. I couldn't have put it better myself.

It was truely brilliant to watch how some people dedicate and risk so much to help others. I don't think there was a dry eye in the studio and there definitely wasn't a dry eye in my house. These people made you proud to be British.

Prime Minister Tony Blair also presented an award. He said: "What is truly humbling is the genuine astonishment of the award winners at being singled out in this way, their belief that almost anyone would have done the same, given the same chance or challenge. Today is a day which not only makes you proud to be British, but also underlines why our country is so special." (Ok, so makes you want to be a little sick but for once in his life I think he's talking sense!)

However, back to the whirlwind world of celebrities... Is anyone shocked that Britney Spears has filed for divorce from her husband of two years Kevin Federline? Not me that's for sure. What took her so long I say. I hope she can get her life back on track and give her two little boys as normal a life as possible.


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