Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bye bye Becks!

Right, venuring slightly out of my comfort zone now but hey why not?! I'm going to talk football!! The most knowledge I have about football is that Bristol City play at Ashton Gate (I have a city mad brother and dad) but I am a fan of David Beckham and as he's lovely and hitting the headlines today I thought I'd say a few words!

He's moving from Real Madrid to Los Angeles Galaxy in a five year contract worth (according to skysports) $250 million. I think even Posh Spice would struggle to work her way through spending that much. Who are Los Angeles Galaxy anyway? I have openly addmitted to knowing nothing about football but I didn't even think that America really did football. Don't they call it 'soccer'? Why do America always have to be bigger and better than us? And why can they not use football but soccer instead? They have taller buildings than us, richer than us, bigger meals than us... and fatter people than us (maybe not one to be proud of.) My point is though that they now have David Beckham and we don't!!!

I feel sorry for Becks though. He was dropped from the England team and then dropped from the Real Madrid team. Does anyone else think that maybe he wants to be the big fish again? He was fast becoming the little fish in the big pond but surely he'll move over to the States and become the huge fish in the little pond. Good ego boost I expect, but if you're David Beckham do you really need your ego to be boosted in such a way? I wonder how much influence Victoria had in his move. Let's look at the evidence: She loves fashion and is trying to make a name for herself. Surely LA is THE place to do that. Victoria Beckham will fit in perfectly in Hollywood, she's got the 00 size figure that appears to be in the criteria if you wish to live there and the millions and millions of pounds. Perfect! Expect to see David and Victoria with the world's celebrity A-Listers very shortly! I sound as though I don't like the Beckhams - I do, they can laugh at themselves, seem a nice pair and definitely seem very genuinely in love. I'm just always a little cynical (as has been probably noted from my other posts!) Anyways, I wish them lots of luck and hope they're very happy living it up with the yanks!


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Hey look! It's me with posh spice!!


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