Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What a year...

Hello 2007 and goodbye 2006! In true new year style I'm going to reflect on the year just gone and, well to be honest, have a bit of a chuckle at the crazy antics of the celeb world!

Let me see... (and in no particular order...) George Michael... I think he wins the award for being found the most times slumped at the wheel of his car whilst being as stoned as stoned can be - or was he just tired?! Me thinks not somehow! Surely if it was an 18 year old lad found in the same sort of state, his licence would be taken away quicker than Lindsay Lohan can get her panties down (did i really just say that?! Sorry, I'm not her biggest fan...and they do seem to fall at the drop of a hat)

Boy George hit the headlines in a situation that I can't quite understand. He called the police out to his New York appartment saying that it had been burguled but really there had been no break in but a whole lot of cocaine was found in there. Hmmm, I think someone was screaming out for a bit of help perhaps but nevertheless he did community service sweeping the streets of New York. However, his fame meant that he was always being followed by the paparazzi and so he had to be moved to somewhere out of the public eye to serve the rest of his community service. Fair play to him though, he did it and has come out the other side.

It has been a usual year for the Beckhams - good, bad but definitely not ugly! David admitted to having OCD, but I think everyone has to a certain degree - Surely there's something everyone's a bit funny about? I know I have a few, but I'll save that for a rainy day. He also admitted that he struggles with his son Brooklyn's homework (That's why you're a footballer and not a rocket scientist David.) He also stepped down from captaining England after we were knocked out by Portugal in the World Cup but then was dropped from the team by the new manager, Steve McClaren. I miss you David that's for sure :) Posh Spice has been in the papers for the same reason as always - her weight. I think she's far too skinny but it's every girl for her own so if she's happy like that then fine. If she likes to eat lettuce leaves everyday then great but I personally like my mum's cooking far too much to be like that... but then I'm not photographed and slapped across the national newspapers everyday. Together they threw a world cup party, which a friend of mine was actually a waiter at and he said it was like a different world compared to the one he lives in. The guests were bidding for items in an auction in the tens and even hundreds of thousands of pounds as if money were water but it was all for charity and if you've got it then why not! They also launched a fragrance together and Victoria had her bottom made bigger on the posters for it (Not a problem I have thanks to mum's cooking that's for sure!) As I said, a good, bad, but not ugly year for the Beckhams!

Britney on the other hand has probably had a year she would rather forget - She was photographed driving with her baby son, Sean Preston on her lap - slightly illegal Brit! She then had social services come to her home after her son fractured his skull. She then had another baby (ahhhhh) but she then filed for divorce (boooo) and then to top it all she went out and partied hard with Paris Hilton and whoopsie forgot to put her knickers on when she was wearing a very short skirt! Now Britney, you've been in the public eye since you were 15, have you not learnt that photographers actually get on the floor when you get out of a car to get a 'knicker shot'?! You certainly gave them, and the rest of the world an eyeful. I'm sure your mother is proud!

Naomi Campbell hit the headlines by hitting her maid! She appeared in court a number of times over allegations that she assulted her maid for stealing. I read one report that the maid had supposedly stolen her skinny jeans - all I can say is that her maid must be hot to fit into her jeans!!

Tom Cruise stunned the world by appearing on Oprah and jumping up and down on her sofa declaring his love for Katie Holmes, whom he then had a child with and married later in the year. In fact, he just stunned the world the whole year I think. There were all the reports that he was getting his previously catholic fiance to convert to his religion of scientology which meant that during child birth she was not allowed to make a sound. I can't say I have any experience of child birth (phew!) but I'm pretty sure that it hurts a hell of a lot and I'm planning on letting everyone know that if I choose to go through it someday!!It's fair to say I will not be converting to scientology!

Well there is obviously far more I could say about the antics of 2006 but unfortunately I would be writing forever and this would be the longest post in the world! I could mention fueds, boyfriend/girlfriend stealing, WAGS, Celebrity Big Brother which a non-celeb won (There will be a post on this years Big Brother coming very soon!), messy divorces, fabulous weddings and pregnancies (Scary Spice and Eddie Murphy - who saw that coming?!)

Let's hope 2007 brings us as many fun and frolics to read about as 2006! Happy new year everyone - I hope that 2007 will bring you everything that you wish it to. x


At 9:47 am, Blogger thephonebook said...

Who and how decided that going out without any knickers was a good idea?

Britney - My careers stalled, husbands a fool, 2 kids, what can i do?

P.A - You need to change your image, something that will get you noticed.

Britney - something that nobodies seen before?

P.A - Why not flash yout most intimate parts to the press.

Britney - brilliant! Selling my dignity and re-inforcing my image as trailer park trash.

P.A - I'll make some calls and get my camera.


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